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Praise for C’mon Thunder:

Thunderegg powers his poppy musical adventures with killer lyrics, creating engrossing stories at each turn, forming a sort of pop literature if you will. —PopMatters

I could drive for hours, watching the country roll by under my tires, through towns and states, to this album and never think twice about it. —Nanobot

C’mon Thunder awakens something that has been dead, or at least hibernating, inside of you. It reminds you of a time when music was just music, nothing more. Georgantas and company manage to awaken this entity while channeling REM, Elliot Smith, and Guided by Voices, while retaining their independence, originality and distinction from the crowd of wannabes. —Buffalo Blog

C’mon Thunder is Georgantas at his storytelling peak. He has a gravitas about him as a lyricist that is profoundly inviting. —In Your Speakers

Georgantas’s . . . knack for turning a phrase, for choosing the precise words to wittily describe his rueful, penetrating observations, is remarkable and makes repeated listenings all the more rewarding and reflects a lifetime dedicated to words and language. —Speak into My Good Eye

Praise for Open Book:

Open Book might be one of the best bargains in rock history.” —PopMatters

“I implore you, [Open Book] is a must own.” —The Perm and the Skullet

“[Open Book is] probably one of the most essential music items so far (so-fa) in the 21st century.” —Southcoasting

“We should all leave a legacy on this world so impressive.” —Chromewaves

Just praise in general:

“Just listen to the first song and you’ll buy in. Thunderegg’s lyrics express the humor of real life situations, new-found love, bad baseball announcers, and daily life in simple songs with sweet melodies.” —My Old Kentucky Home

“Georgantas’s melodies sound effortlessly executed, like he simply exhales…unusually catchy and inviting tidbits.” —New Haven Advocate

“By turns humorous and earnest, the band glows with an easy lyrical and musical intelligence.” —Splendid

“The songs are smart, playful, melodic, and masterfully crafted…. Thunderegg is everything indie was meant to be.” —4F

“Bedroom rock that’s smart but not smarmy, emotional but not evasive, Georgantas has an authentic, level-headed approach to songwriting and lyricism that kills softly with its song.” —Perfect Porridge

“This is the kind of band that the Indie scene is all about, a great band giving it all back to the listeners. This band deserves your love!” —Waxfruit

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