E-mail Thunderegg at thundereggrules [at]

Thunderegg’s Facebook page is here. We would love for you to like us.

Booking inquiries: Call 718-216-2654.


6 Responses to CONTACT

  1. Seth

    Is there a Thunderegg radio station on the web that plays all Thunderegg, all the time? Then I could play Thunderegg nonstop whereever I am, as long as there’s internet and some sort of computer device. I don’t want to choose the song. I just want it to play all day.

  2. willenvelope

    Yup, we’re working on that. Right now bandcamp, which hosts all our music files, doesn’t support that feature. But in time I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to find a way to create a random Thunderegg jukebox.

  3. Hey! I tried to find you on fb but I didnt see a page that had anywhere near 200 likes. I saw pages that either had around 300 and 10. Hook me up!!

    The music is GREAT!! Keep writing / recording!!

  4. Hey Will,
    it was really great meeting you and the band last night at the FabrikCafé.
    And thanks again for your fantastic music! I really loved that and it would be nice to great you guests and performers again one day in our Café. Therefore: let’s stay in touch!

    Good luck and great moments for the tour!

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