Thunderegg is a band/recording project, led by Will Georgantas, that has been around since 1995. The Egg started in Connecticut, was based in and around Brooklyn for fifteen years, and is now operating out of San Francisco. In addition to Will, Alex Jimenez plays bass, Reese Douglas plays lead guitar, and André Custodio plays drums. There are at least twenty Thunderegg albums and hundreds of songs. Some of these recordings feature Will alone, recording to a four-track cassette deck in various apartments, and others involve a full band of remarkable musicians. Thunderegg has alternately been hailed by a discerning wing of the media and willfully flown beneath the radar.

The Egg’s newest recording is a killer 7″ produced by our friend Alan Weatherhead that marries the shoegaze of “Ten Sleeves” to the bar stomp of “Big Cigarette.” The awesome, lush, full-band C’mon Thunder, also recorded with Al (we call him Al), dropped in May 2014. There’s all sorts of other stuff, too, including a new 90-minute cassette compilation called He’s Actually Pretty Cool Once You Get to Know Him; 2012’s San Francisco four-track-cassette suite Not What I Meant; and Line Line, another layered collaboration with Al. Also there’s 2006’s Open Book, which has 231 songs and 108 pages of lyrics.

Thunderegg plays all around California and toured Germany in July 2013. Solo, Will did his first US tour in August 2014.

But hey, as Martin DeBergi would say, enough of my yakking. Here is where you can keep up to date with Thunderegg, hear all the music, audit the Thunderegg History Lessons, and also witness various other flights of fancy that often involve baseball. Thunderegg likes baseball a lot.

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