Warrior Soul, Last Decade Dead Century (1990)

Part three of Thunderegg’s hot new series, Albums I Reviewed in the High School Paper. This Microsoft Word 4.0 file was dated September 15, 1990.

Warrior Soul
Last Decade Dead Century

“You live for nowhere
You live for garbage
You live for hatred
You live for your own little twisted underprivileged morsels…
A lost existence.”

After listening to Last Decade Dead Century, Warrior Soul’s debut album, one may gather that the group is…hmm, maybe…pissed off? What’s most interesting, though, is that when other bands tend to complain about government and oppression, Warrior Soul aims its grumpiness at every single person living in the world. Like a cynical great-grandfather, this band hates everybody (except, possibly, “The Losers”) and makes no apologies for its behavior.

But that’s what makes Last Decade Dead Century so fantastic. The lyrics are complimented perfectly by the waves of knashing guitars that, due to their holy loudness, may only be compared with the clout of Soundgarden. Vocalist Kory Clarke’s delivery is, quite suitably, packed with enough angst to power a metropolis, and the rhythm section is unrelenting in its throbbing attack.

Every song on the album is a delightful cross-breed of political consciousness and straight-out groovalistic metal. If you’re looking for a smarmy, Aerosmith-esque power ballad, you won’t find it here: But if Kick-Out-the-Jams metal plod is your bag, you need go no farther. Tracks like “Superpower Dreamland,” “In Conclusion,” and “Downtown” hold a brilliant feel for melody while keeping their grungy outlook—while some tracks, like “Trippin’ on Ecstasy,” could even, ultimately, find their way to the world of Dancefloor Hell.

In the unfair world of metal, it is hard to say whether a “real” band such as Warrior Soul (as opposed to a “glam” band like Warrant) will gain mass acceptance. If Faith No More’s recent popularity gives any indication, Warrior Soul might have a chance.

But due to its cynical nature, it is doubtful that Warrior Soul would give a damn anyway. Buy it.

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