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Bands, songs, albums, and lyrics mentioned in my elementary school writing books, 1981–83

• The Nastybirds (featured on WZAX-FM)

• The Outlaws (appearing now at WaWaWooWooWeeWeeWaaWaaa stadium) (from Arizona)

• Strango Pork and the Oinks – “Simon (the Lion?)”:  “I saw Simon at my door / then he wasn’t there no more / He was walking toward the hardware store / Then I noticed he was not there no more / He started eating all the floor / Then he wanted more / He started eating up the door/ Then he gave out a roar”

• The Sallys – feat. “Billy, “Tilly,” “Milly,” “Molly,” “Willy,” “Wally,” “Joey,” and much more. Available at Wallyworth, Sally Goody, Food Town, and your local Junk Yard.

• Ziggy Samkin – “I like tuna/ and jellybeans / peanut butter / and cheddar cheese / and would you pass the pepper, please?”

• The Tomatoes – “It’s Sunny Again”

• Kirk – “Apeeka My Papa”

• Joey Cool and the Nastybirds – “Saw Some Medicine in a Hardwear Store”

• Unknown – “The Electric Spanker”

• Plooktoo aka Gasser, bluesman; Crabtree Ellen, guitar; Crumbcake Evelin, drums.

• Jimbo Maconi – Jimbo the Brat

• Unknown – “Piggie in the Dryer”

• The Flunks – “Yuk Yuk Yuk”

Forrest Rooney’s Awfulest Hits feat. (SIDE ONE) “Marie,” “Jimmy,” “Billie,” “Katie,” “Sally,” “Johny” (SIDE TWO) “Piggy,” “Babie,” “Daddy,” “Mommy”

• Strango Pork and the Oinks – “I’ll Oink Ya!” “Bet I Can Beat You to the Pigpen” “Look at the Stars”

• Finge Topla and the Uglys

• The Clagatootoo

• The Stinkers – “I Know Why You Hate Me (Because I Am So Dumb)” (feat. on WAZ Radio)

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