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C’mon Thunder on Nanobot Rock Reviews

Greg from Nanobot Rock Reviews takes on C’mon Thunder and damned if he didn’t love it. Reading stuff like this makes you glad you do what you do:

I, up to now, considered myself a fan of Thunderegg. After C’mon Thunder I am a fanatic. To me, the record is the perfect fit for this summer and will always be synonymous with 2014. I could drive for hours, watching the country roll by under my tires, through towns and states, to this album and never think twice about it.

Read the full review here.

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Blurt Magazine Interview

Today Blurt Magazine, one of the world’s finer sources for features and interviews with bona fide indie musicians, ran a cool interview with Will about C’mon Thunder. Just click here to find out who those pesky summer kids really are…and much more.

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