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There are so many things to love in this 1986 Dutch documentary about New York hip-hop: Grandmaster Flash’s claim that hip-hop came together in the parks in large part to distract people from fighting; Lost Poet Suliaman El Hadi’s teenage son diplomatically conceding that his dad is right and that rap is garbage, but he still likes it; Schooly D saying that rap is supposed to be bad, just like rock originally was. I hadn’t thought about how, the same way bands like the Clash wanted to kill off late-’70s glam excesses, rappers in the mid-1980s were actively pushing against superstars like Michael Jackson—superstars whose success in today’s world is generally considered unimpeachable.

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Announcing Thunderegg’s August tour

This August, Will tours the entirety of the U.S. of A with friend and fellow San Francisco singer-songwriter KC Turner. With a full slate of gigs, there’s a good chance that we’ll be coming somewhere near you, wherever you may be. We can’t wait to play for you.

And we cannot overstate this: If you have any friends in any of these towns, tell them to come out! This is our chance to become friends with them too, for the world to open up to fellowship and interconnected goodness, all under the banner of the benevolent Thunderegg empire. It’s also someone to drink with.

Dig this:

Friday, August 1 – New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO, 3pm
Saturday, August 2 – Laughing Goat, Boulder, CO, 8pm
Sunday, August 3 – Highlands Cork & Coffee, Denver, CO, 3pm
Wednesday, August 6 – 331 Club, Minneapolis, MN, 9:30pm
Thursday, August 7 – House Concert*, Madison, WI, 7pm
Friday, August 8 – Mars Cafe, Des Moines, IA, 7pm
Saturday, August 9 – Uptown Arts Bar, Kansas City, MO, 7pm
Sunday, August 10 – Prison Brews, Jefferson City, MO, 6pm
Monday, August 11 – House Concert*, St. Louis, MO, 7pm
Tuesday, August 12 – House Concert*, Indianapolis, IN, 7pm
Wednesday, August 13 – Taffy’s of Eaton, Eaton, OH, 5pm
Thursday, August 14 – Sister Cities Park, Philadelphia, PA, 5:30pm
Friday, August 15 – Picasso Bar & Restaurant, Media, PA, 9pm
Saturday, August 16 – Stone Room Concerts, Falls Church, VA, 8pm
Sunday, August 17 – House Concert*, California, MD, 7pm
Saturday, August 23 – Sound of Music Recording Studios, Richmond, VA, 7pm
Sunday, August 24 – The City Tap, Pittsboro, NC, 3pm
Monday, August 25 – CoCo’s Sunset Grille, Tybee Island, GA, 7pm
Thursday, August 28 – Vino’s Brewpub, Little Rock, AR, 8pm
Friday, August 29 – Sheri’s Living Room**, Oklahoma City, OK, 7pm
Saturday, August 30 – House Concert*, Albuquerque, NM, 8pm

* For all house concerts, RSVP to
** For Sheri’s Living Room, RSVP to

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Danke, Das Klienicum

Here’s a thoughtful, extensive review of C’mon Thunder on Eike Klien’s Das Klienicum website: we just don’t know what it says. Which is kind of killing us, because Eike is a smart guy with great taste in music. I mean, there’s always Google Translate, but

the lad’s ancestors with Greek around a lot, always has the waking eyes open, is very communicative and does not hold hintem mountain. so open to him the crowded and filled rapidly hearts and his treasury. with “c’mon thunder” presents Georgantas a new album, a circumstance that is given the qualitative constancy hard to believe, attached to a discography that is unparalleled published these days in self-production

doesn’t quite cut muster. If anyone wants to contribute a translation, in part, in full, or in blurb, you know where to find us.


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Will plays “Nobody” by the Replacements

As part of David McCreath’s It Might Get Personal video podcast, in which Bay Area artists cover their favorite songs, Will plays Paul Westerberg’s worst-wedding-song-ever “Nobody,” from the Replacements’ final, underrated album All Shook Down. 

Click here to watch the performance and a short interview afterward.

Photo by Tom Sweeney, from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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