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New Egg best-of compilation now available

Announcing the release of He’s Actually Pretty Cool Once You Get to Know Him: A Thunderegg Sampler (1995–2012), featuring 28 songs, 90 minutes of music, from “Christy Pickle” to “If I Went on a Diet” to “Not What I Meant.” Given the size of the Egg catalog, the focus here is on four-track songs, so we’ve skipped (not that they’re not great) the full-band albums, the snippets albums, and the outtake albums (okay, the outtakes albums aren’t great). It’s available here as both an instant download and a limited-edition double-length cassette with amazing Warner Bros. tribute layout by Friend of the Egg Sarah Almond. The cover photo, captured live on a party bus, is by Julia O Test Photography.

Stream it here:

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Tickets Now Available: Thunderegg Holiday Mutiny Radio Show

Pencil sketch, drawn on the fly at Bottom of the Hill, by Josh Johnson.

Buy tickets here for the Thunderegg Holiday Mutiny Radio Show!

From 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 14, join the full-band Thunderegg (Will Georgantas, guitar/vocals; Alex Jimenez, bass; Reese Douglas, guitar; James Sundquist, drums) for an unprecedented live-broadcast holiday rock ‘n’ roll show. We’ll be playing all your favorite Egg tunes, plus some you’ve never heard us play, in an intimate setting with great sound (courtesy of Dan Foldes). The whole thing goes over the Mutiny Radio airwaves live, with guest MC David Colón, and will be archived for perpetuity. We’ll be filming it, too.

There will be a brand-new cassette compilation. There will be beer. There could very well be Thundereggnog. And, we’re hoping, there will be YOU. Seating is limited—the place holds only 30-40 people. Be a part of a very special San Francisco musical moment…the ultimate pregame to your later evening festivities! (We’ll probably have an after-party ourselves, too, TBA.)


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