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Video evidence of the Thunderegg residency

Will playing “Lucky So-and-So” at the Thunderegg February Songwriter’s Residency at Bazaar Cafe, Tuesday, February 12. Big thanks to Stephen Porter for shooting video for us—we’re indebted to him for capturing some beautiful moments for posterity. Cases in point:

Laura Meyer performing her song “The Ocean” on Feb. 19.

Here’s Pieces on Feb. 5.

And Garden Party that same evening:


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Thunderegg Songwriter’s Residency at Bazaar

You know, I should’ve already posted here about this, but I got so immersed in the ThunderTuesday Facebook group I created, I forgot about poor old Egg Dot Org. BUT! Every Tuesday in February, I (Will) am the songwriter in residence at Bazaar Cafe, 5927 California St., in San Francisco. Each night, I’ll open at 7:00 P.M.; a slate of brilliant musicians will follow. (For the Feb. 12 show with John Elliott, I’ll play a full set.)

Tuesday, Feb. 5: Pieces and Garden Party
Tuesday, Feb. 12: John Elliott and Thunderegg (full set)
Tuesday, Feb. 19: Laura Meyer and Ben Brown
Tuesday, Feb. 26: Billy Shears and special Four-Track Frenzy, featuring live four-track recordings of a song each from Billy and Thunderegg.

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Letta Mbulu, “Jigijela (Don’t Throw Stones),” from Letta (Chisa/Motown, 1970)

The jam of the day comes from Zulu vocal star Letta Mbulu. This whole album is great—it definitely is honey for Western ears, but I prefer its laid-back R&B groove to David Axelrod’s sometimes amazing, sometimes overbearing studio orchestrations on Mbulu’s previous record, Free Soul. And anyway, it’s fellow South African Hugh Masekela handling the production, and a lot of the YouTube comments here are about warm memories of South African childhoods—so I guess, happily, the consensus is that in this case, the cultural crossover worked.

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