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Thunderegg at VCCA

Back from the Fletcher Tour, right in the middle of bringing the new record to the people, I’ve taken a quintessentially Eggish detour to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Amherst, Virginia, where until December 21 I’ll be working on still another facet of the Egg’s manifold rock plan: the Thunderegg History Lesson, formerly known as the Thunderbook.

1. New website
2. Release Platinum LP
3. Release Line Line
4. Promote items 1–3
5. Bring the Egg to the people

6. Thunderbook Thunderegg History Lesson
7. Thunderegg greatest-hits compilation (four-track era)
8. New batch of 14 tunes for February Album Writing Month
9. Blow everybody’s minds with the Line Line follow-up, C’mon Thunder (fall 2012)

Every working day, I’m sitting down at my desk and listening to the entire Thunderegg oeuvre (now 355 songs, not counting 102 outtakes) on shuffle. I write as I listen, trying to remember what things were like when each song was written. I think the song lyrics tell one part of the story, but there’s another narrative in there too, especially as the years go by. My job now is focusing on what, specifically, that larger narrative is. Personal definitions of success and failure? Finally not being a choirboy? The bittersweetness of missed connections, of losing people you love? Getting fucked up a lot? Whatever it is, soon there will be a new series of posts here. They’re going to be called Thunderegg History Lesson, and they’ll consist of an embedded Thunderegg song, drawn more or less at random from 1994 to 2011, along with some recollections. In time, these pieces will be stitched together to tell the stories of entire albums. Then I’m thinking that those larger stories can be stitched together to form a history of Thunderegg itself. That, of course, would be the Thunderbook. But I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. For now it’s just listening and remembering.

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And so ends Retourty 2011.

“Retarty,” Victoria House, Beaumont, TX, 11/10/11. Tommy O’Brien, drums. Huge thank you to the Fletcher C. Johnson Band for taking me on the road with them for the past two weeks.

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Thunderegg on No Pigeonholes Radio

Thunderegg on Don Campau’s No Pigeonholes Radio show
Tuesday nights throughout November, 8:00 P.M. PST

Don Campau is a legendary California DJ and musician who has been fighting for real underground music since 1969—his radio show on KKUP in Cupertino, begun in 1978 and named “No Pigeonholes” in 1985, was a hub of the cassette culture that flourished by word of mouth and through the mail in those days (and that certain hipsters today are eagerly attempting to resurrect, somewhat missing the point, by spending wads of cash on eBay for tapes of major-label albums). What’s even more cool is that for all his analog pedigree, Don has gone the high-tech route to continue to champion the weird, the lo-fi, the marginal, and the fiercely independent. His astonishing Living Archive of Underground Music, for instance, features loads of rips of otherwise absolutely unavailable 1980s and 1990s cassettes. Great stuff like this. And this. And this.

Along those lines, a version of No Pigeonholes is now broadcast every Tuesday at 8 P.M. PST through Berkeley’s underground-music stream LUVeR (that’s the Love Underground Visionary Revolution). And Thunderegg—whose first few albums were tapes, since CD-Rs weren’t readily available until The Envelope Pushes Back in 2000—is on the playlist throughout November. If you miss it this Tuesday, come back again next Tuesday. We’re proud to be a part of the show.

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