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Night Comes In

I’ve listened to this song about twenty times this week.

Richard and Linda Thompson, “Night Comes In” (1975)

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Blue Claws Visit Tourists, Asheville, NC

A couple weeks ago I drove around the South, visiting friends and watching baseball. Here’s a piece I did on the Asheville Tourists game for the Bus Leagues minor-league baseball blog.

Now that some time has passed, I think Asheville’s McCormick Field was my favorite ballpark of the five I visited during the eleven days of that incredible trip.

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Bunny with a Pancake on His Head

Just now I was googling images of Bunny Wailer and, having typed “Bunny W—,” found that the autofiller wondered if the phrase “Bunny With A Pancake On His Head” was the direction I was going. It wasn’t, but, actually, now that I think about it…

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Whiteheart Men?


Does anyone know the extent of white guys’ involvement in the Blackheart Man LP? Was it as heavy as something like Concrete Jungle? I see it was recorded in Kingston. Carl Peterson was the engineer, tape operator, editor, and, along with Chris Blackwell, co-mixer—a huge role. But is Carl Peterson (aka Karl Pitterson in the wikipedia article) a Jamaican or a carpetbagger like Blackwell?

I’m just curious, considering that either way, he did a hell of a job. Not too many records sound as good as this one. And T. Downie plays a hell of a clav.

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MC Serch, “Back to the Grill”

1992. A great posse cut featuring a 19-year-old Nas at 1:42; I forgot how much Chubb Rock kills it on his verse.

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