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Thank you again, Antidisingenuousmentarianism

Hillary at Athens, Georgia’s Antidisingenuousmentarianism calls out last September’s Thunderegg/Casper and the Cookies show as one of her top ten of 2007. It must’ve been the cover Jason and I did of the English Beat’s “Save It for Later.” That one will get your heartstrings every time.

(We already loved Antidisingenuousmentarianism, enough to type it twice here, because back in 2006 Hillary’s husband Jared called out “If I Went on a Diet” as one of the Top Ten Songs By Dudes I Know.)

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9 plays?

“Behind My Baby’s Bedroom Door” surely deserves to have been played more than nine times in three weeks. That’s not even double digits, people, and at least three of those times I played the song my own self. Well, no biggie. It merely goes to show that the Egg remains firmly rooted in the underground, which is just where we like it. Soon we’ll take that song down and put up something else, and it will become one of those super-collectible mp3s. You’ve heard about those, right? They’re like valuable.

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