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The new record, one song at a time

We’re putting up the new songs one at a time. After a week, the old one comes down and the new one goes up. Come visit every Monday. Remember, these are awesome. Here’s the full line-up:

1. The Scheduled Show (Sept. 3)
2. Long Way from Home (Sept. 10)
3. Glass of Water (Sept. 17)
4. Your Pretty Little Angels (Sept. 24)
5. It’s Not You, It’s Not Me (It’s Her) (Oct. 1)
6. I Died Today (for Just a Minute) (Oct. 8)
7. If You Knew Me So Well (Oct. 15)
8. A Poem and a Mirror (Oct. 22)
9. Skeletons (Oct. 29)
10. Sweetest One (Nov. 5)

And then who knows what we’ll put up; but maybe it would be good to have the CDs available by then. Released independent-like. Special advance copies ready November 12; official release date January 1, 2008. How’s that sound?

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