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Thank you, Cokemachineglow. And sorry.

Cokemachineglow writers Mark Abraham and Dom Sinacola decided to hole themselves up with a couple fifths (Mark chose scotch, Dom went with gin) while listening to Open Book in its 523-minute entirety. I do not recommend attempting this—even I myself have never done it. (I think it’s best to play the thing on shuffle, freely skipping anything that’s annoying, and moving on after about 45 to 60 minutes: a customized album-length Egg sampler.) Predictably, Mark and Dom, communicating via e-mail while the entire sorry spectacle spiraled, came away a) drunk and b) pretty much hating Thunderegg. Which is thunderstandable. Still, my thanks to them for this unprecedented self-sacrifice in the field of torture research. And for the cool little drawings.

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