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We’ll even take orders now.

Five new full-band recordings now available here! We know it’s been a while since we checked in. That’s partly because we’ve been trying to get the real site,, up and running, but mainly it’s because we’ve simply been spending too much time rocking to be able to check in. The first full-length, full-band Thunderegg album is more than halfway finished; last weekend Natronic Productions and the group finished mixing three more tunes, among them “Pardon Your French” and “In the Loft.” We have one more stretch at the Shed in Manchester, with maybe three more songs–this batch with horns–and then we’re taking orders. We’ll even take orders now, if you want. Do keep an eye on We started plunking down that monthly server fee recently, so now we’re more committed than ever to getting the site up and cranking. Rock on.

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