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Woodpile got a new woodpile

New tracks feature some sweet-sounding organ from Mystery Feet keys player Jonathan Chatfield. They’re also underpinned by Woodpile’s new woodpile: A gorgeous Pearl Session Custom with vintage-fade finish. It sounds as good as it looks. The first batch of newly recorded, full-band songs–and the first of three EPs for 2002–should be finished by early March and includes “If I Went on a Diet,” “In the Loft,” “Pardon Your French,” “The Envelope Pushes Back,” “Just Another Joe,” and “Ephemeral.” We’re planning the second EP now, and after the third one comes out, the best songs from the EPs will be selected to make up our debut full-band full-length. Then the EPs go out of print. So don’t turn your nose up at the EPs: Once they’re gone, you’ll have to wait until we’re rich and bloated and putting out our very own Pisces Iscariots to hear the non-LP tracks. Judging by Thunderegg’s deliberate path to greatness, that could take a long, long while indeed.

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