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We challenge, here and now, the people of to softball. The only consulting they’ll be doing will be when they have to yank their pitcher after Bite and Flag hit back-to-back BOMBS! The second order of business is that now POWDER TO THE PEOPLE (1998) is available on CD, joining NEW ENGLAND MUSIC (1996), PERSONNEL ENVELO-FILE (1997), and the companion series IN YANISTIN and THE ENVELOPE PUSHES BACK (2000). Order your copy today! All CDs are $5 each, except for ENVELOPE, which is–and always will be–free. Really, you should make an order. These handmade albums are produced in extremely limited quantities, usually no more than fifty per run. (The exception, of course, is the especially radio-friendly ENVELOPE, 116 copies of which are in the hands of the faithful.) Just because these CDs are available now, which they are, does not mean they’ll be available forever. Third: The mobile Thunderegg sound lab is completed. It’s a 4-track and a bunch of effects bolted into a handsome varnished carrying case, complete with a power strip that has an adapter that can plug into a car’s cigarette lighter. That means we’ll be able to drive out onto the beach and record there. Fourth: Thunderegg hits the studio again in January. It’s a really nice studio. The sound will be great. Stay tuned for updates about that.

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