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Where’s your sissy earring?

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update. There is a melange of excuses, available upon request. But there IS some news. The archival LPs NEW ENGLAND MUSIC (1996), PERSONNEL ENVELO-FILE (1997), and IN YANISTIN (2000) have been repackaged and are ready for you, in case you want them. You can get them either straight from the band ( or from our friends at Orange Entropy Records ( By January, all seven albums will be available through those same channels. (They’ve been available all along, really, but now they have prettier covers.) Then it’s back to the studio to record a full-band LP of all-new material. I came home for the day and as I’m writing this, my father is watching television. “Nice shirt, jerk,” he’s saying to Ed Bradley. “Where’s your sissy earring?” He’s just mad because I got here too late to rake the leaves, and because he doesn’t like my sideburns one bit–doesn’t like anything about them. Then an ad came on for the Mitsubishi Montero. It had this crummy song playing in it. The music Thunderegg’s going to record this winter won’t be like that at all.

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