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Glückwünsche, Hans!

In honor of our friend Hans Schiller’s upcoming nuptials, we now feature the unbelievable bootleg recording of Thunderegg’s forebears, Larry (featuring Bite, Flag, Woodpile, and Winky), covering Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom (Coming Home)” at the Trumbull Buttery in April, 1995. Hans just showed up that night, told us to “watch him for the changes” (kind of like Marty McFly before striking up “Johnny B. Goode”), and we were off. Commentary on this version, which is a lot louder than the actual music, is provided by Phil Dunlop and Burr Harding, and pointed commentary it is: “Ozzy, man. Fuckin’ Ozzy.” Glückwünsche, Hans!

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