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Thunderegg: a summary

Here’s the rundown: 1) Thunderegg is a rock band that doesn’t practice quite as much as it should. It consists of Will Bite (vocals, egg), Jake Flag (thunder, vocals), Natronic (egg, console), and Woodpile (woodpile). 2) Because of logistical problems, the first seven Thunderegg CDs were recorded, between 1995 and 2000, by Will alone to a four-track in one of the eleven bedrooms he occupied during that period. Lately, however, the music has been recorded by the full band and sounds much better. 3) A new album is in the works. 4) Thunderegg is not a popular band by any stretch, though we are good songwriters, critically acclaimed, very friendly, and enjoy “partying.” 5) Click on “Band E-mail,” give us your address, and we will send you a free CD that you will find surprisingly pleasant. 6) Keep your eyes on Or, if you prefer the less bourgeois route, There, you’ll be able to find new MP3s, lyrics, merchandise, bulletin boards, contests, a journal, WEGG radio, downloads of rare, out-of-print non-Thunderegg joints, and links to a whole bunch of other cool stuff. You’ll see.

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