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Maybe it’s because Sib wasn’t in the picture

By popular demand, “Just Another Joe,” 1995 version, is now featured. Live edition, for your comparison and contrastison, to come. Also, by no demand whatsoever, the not-on-any-album, yet by no means definitive, 1998 recording of “My Mad Hatter” that had fallen through the cracks until now. There were hopes of attaining that classic Scholz-Goudreau sound with the stereo guitar leads. Maybe it’s because Sib wasn’t in the picture, but the only Boston it ended up sounding like was, maybe, that dude Daryl who played for the ChiSox from around ’85 to ’89. No. Come to think of it, he had a lot more soul than this. Though, like us, he never quite got that starting job. Many other things will be sprung on you soon. New album. New website. New full-band sound. Zeugmatically, hold on to your faith and hats.

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