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I got a new job

Very sleepy. There’s a new featured track here, recorded February 12 by Natronic in Hartford and featuring the full band: Woodpile, Flag, Bite. Tootsie Rolls to anybody who finds and downloads it. Thunderegg management believes we’re looking at the tail end of a long streak of dreariness, lyric-wise. Future songs will address more cheerful matters–like the story of the guy who lies in bed listening to his next-door neighbor who, in the summertime, mows his lawn at three in the morning. It doesn’t always wake the guy up, but the sound of the motor does eventually wend its way into his dreams, the smell of grass mingles with the night air, and the crickets never sound sweeter than the moment after the neighbor finally, and always suddenly, cuts the engine.

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Thank you, A&A

A&A was another early music-review site that gave the Egg a listen. And while they didn’t love The Envelope Pushes Back, you’ve got to give them credit for trying their damnedest to. Like the other reviews of Envelope, I’m going to go ahead and guess that this is from early 2001.

Imagine the vaguely bossa nova soft rock of the early 70s. Now imagine it acoustic. That’s just about exactly where Thunderegg has hoisted its standard. Lyric heavy, to the extent that words come more rapidly than anything else. Rather hypnotic, really, the way the vocals serve as their own rhythmic device, playing off the throbbing of the band. It is a muted throbbing, actually, as is just about everything on this disc. Thunderegg doesn’t really seem to believe in kicking out the jams in any way. There’s an almost suicidal impulse to mute any excess whatsoever. Thunderegg has found a unique sound, and after a while (a good while, to tell the truth) I finally started to get into the mood. While easy-going, this isn’t particularly easy music for me to like. But the unstinting quality of the writing turned the trick. Fall in.

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