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The Orange Entropy partnership in full bloom.

To make up for a whole month’s worth of quiet, Thunderegg presents the 1987 nugget “Love One Another, With a Pure Heart, Fervently.” The unexpurgated version is available upon request, as are “A Reading From Genesis” (1985), “God Be Glorified!” (1983), and, if there’s enough demand, “Selections From The Trenton Cathedral’s Annual Production of ‘Amahl and the Night Visitors'” (1987). THE ENVELOPE PUSHES BACK is now officially available from Orange Entropy Records as well as through Thunderegg mail order. We printed up 33 brand new copies, upping the total in existence to somewhere around 80. Plus, the liner notes for the back-catalogued CDs (see the bottom of this page) are finally being put together. Contact Thunderegg to place advance orders for such classics as PERSONNEL ENVELO-FILE and the fourth, eponymous album THUNDEREGG. Finally, if you dig internet radio, you might also want to check out Orange Entropy’s radio station WOE (“Radio That Kills”) at Due to OE boss Steve Zimmerman’s batty taste, you’ll hear all kinds of Thunderegg stuff unavailable here (including “Sparkling Wine Regrets,” “The Technomancer,” and “Hardly Needs Ironing!”). You’ll also hear the latest from Nudge Squidfish, The Great Glass Elevator, Mike!, and Duf Davis, among others.

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