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It’s OK to be sad sometimes!

Spirits were low at the Command-Q/Typewriter Repo/Thunderegg central offices today, but we won’t dwell on that! What fun the future has in store! It’s OK to be sad sometimes! Last August “The Revolutionary Manifesto of Thunderegg (Judy Collins)” was recorded in the Princeton studio and later became track 43 on the extremely rare IN YANISTIN album. At the time of its composition it really was believed to be a revolutionary convergence of dictaphone ramblings, Dr. Rhythm-fueled 4-track folk-riff-rock, tape manipulations meant to convey a sense of multiple self, and Judy Collins renditions of songs later made famous by Alice Cooper. This is the revolutionary manifesto of Thunderegg, people! is at least what we were trying to get across at the time. (Incidentally, the lower-case letter “i” of the second “is” in the previous sentence is not a typo. It’s being used per Chicago Manual of Style, 5.20.) Did it work? True, only four or five people own the album, but no one has yet weighed in on whether they were smellin’ it. Therefore we feature “TRMOT->JC” this time around, so you, the only person who has checked out the site all day–and we cannot begin to say how grateful we are for that–will be able to download it, give it a listen, and tell us whether you a) want to join our revolution or b) feel the message needs to be conveyed a little more clearly before you make a decision.

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