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PHS’s Grammar Problem

Being that it is that I just took the SAT’s yesterday, and being that part of that aforementioned test involves the Test of Standard Written English (TSWE), and that after reading and examining, the questions and the test, respectively, I have realized that it is easy to make grammatical mistakes, I hereby present to you, after I finish writing this introduction, a paragraph containing the most common grammatical errors made at PHS. If you can find them all, it is that you would get most probably a 60+ on the TSWE; I am now wondering, why it is, that I only got a 17. 

Dear Jane,

OK—just remember that this letter is totally private—just between you and I. At this point in time, don’t let a single person even see it, not even if they pay you. I implied from your attitude toward Joe and I that you were angry with us. Is that what you were inferring? Listen, your recital was not boring, and I’m sorry if Joe and me would have been looking disinterested. It is hard for me to emphatically tell you that I apologize. I thought your recital was so well that I even taped it off George, whom recorded it with his complicated microphone system.

Well that’s all I have to tell to you. Do not forget that Peter and Me love you alot, and that you should love to Peter and I alot, also.

Love, Bobby

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