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Princeton Food Guide

Walking distances from PHS to:

WCC Student Center: 2:41
Hoagie Haven: 7:28
Charcuterie: 8:05
Vesuvio’s: 8:13
TCBY: 8:26
WaWa (Nassau Street): 8:59  
Princeton Deli: 7:11
American Cafe: 10:50  
Teresa’s Pizza: 11:04
Lahiere’s: 12:27
Tempting Tiger: 12:37
Harry’s Luncheonette: 12:43
Mykonos: 12:51
Athenian: 12:58
Chuck’s Spring Street Cafe: 13:13
Victor’s (assuming, of course, that you walk through the red light at Witherspoon Street and Nassau): 12:16
Burger King: 12:19


Vesuvio’s: Play Choice, featuring “Uncle Fester’s Quest,” “Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles,” “Super Mario Brothers 3,” “Tecmo Bowl,” “Pin Bot,” and something called “Ninja Gaiden.” It may be a misspelling–could it be “Ninja Garden” or “Ninja Maiden?”

Mykonos: “Continental Circus,” “Rough Ranger,” “Arch Rivals,” “Off Road,” “Cabal,” and “John Elway’s Team Quarterback.” “Circus” and “Cabal” are adorned with the menacing signs reading “Play at your own risk.” (These must be the games George, the owner, shuts off with most frequency while you’re doing well.) Chris played “Off Road,” a pretty neato truck game, but really sucked out and finished last. Also, it turns out that George gets mad if you get change from him and then play games across the street at Athenian.

Athenian: Only two games, “Crime Fighters” and “Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters,” a sort-of quasi-futuristic Gauntlet.


Hoagie Haven’s lunch of a 1/2 cheesesteak, fries, and Coke cost our Free Press Shopper $4.02 and took 3:05 to prepare

Slices at Vesuvio’s cost $1.33, and $1.10 at Teresa’s and Victor’s.

A bagel with cream cheese costs .80 at the Charcuterie. (.65 with butter.)

It’s not worth buying anything at TCBY because those free samples they give are filling enough. Just ask for a sample of each flavor and you’ll be set until dinner time.

The official WaWa Thirstbuster cups range in price from .99 to $1.59. For the lowest price, you can buy an ugly Magnum, but for $1.59 you can get either the cagey Action Bottle (with secret compartment!) or the ol’ reliable Super Squeezer.  A typical WaWa order of a hot dog with chili, Strawberry Yoo-Hoo, Mallo-cup, and packet of Lifestyles costs $4.48. Just ask Greg Horowitz. He bought the stuff.

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