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The Story of Mary


Once upon a time there was a girl named Mary. Mary was from another planet and she was very curious. All of the boys from her planet took her out on dates. But in America, no one dared to look at her. She had long green hair, a crooked smile, bucked teeth, purple eyebrows, and she always wore her pink shirt that said “HAWAI 71” she always wore her green boots, and she couldn’t speek a word of english. One day she was in the paper. It said “Pizza face strikes 5th avenue!” the next day she was in the paper again. It said “Cucumber Brain strikes again”


You see, on the first day she was walking down 5th avenue when some people saw her. Right away, they all fell dead. The next day the same thing happened but on West street. But the next day the congress, including that Weirdo of a president, Ronald Reagan, were thinking of a plan. They thought of a bear trap, no, too expensive. They thought of a giant mouse trap, no, it would take to long to build. They finally found an idea. A crate full of D-con rat killer. They called it project Ronnie.


But after five days all that was there were 5 giant rats and 1 Wendy Phillips. No Luck. This time Ronnie thought of something. But it took him too long. Mary had already made New York City look like Pompeii.


Since I hate this story I will take the glory to finish it.

Then They Died.

(The End)

Try UXB business class and when you do we’ll give you a free doll of Gordon, the Wonder Octopus! so call now, and don’t forget, Gordon the Wonder Octopus is on your side! Your gonna ask us how do you get gas in your food?

A horror film

The scaryest, ghastlyest, and most terrifying film for the whole family. RATED G
Written and Directed By Doctor Seuss.

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Now back to our commercial

Poochie Yum Yums are a snack
Poochie Yum Yums in a big sack

A new song by Ziggy Samkin

I like tuna.
and jelly beans,
peanut butter
and cheddar cheese.
And would you pass the pepper please?

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The Other Side of the fence.


One day I was walking down the street when I came to a fence. It was a tall fence and I couldn’t see over it. So I went and got a box. I climbed on the box and……… We will return after these messages.


News Flash

A new football player has been admited to the Piggytown Piggies. He is a kicker and his name is Piggy Freshwater. Now back to our show.

I climbed on the box and saw a……… We will return after these messages.


Since This Show is So Unpopular, We can not continue it.

some new hits by the SALLYS! Buy their new album! its COOL!

          Side 1
Billy – Tilly – Milly – Molly – Willy – Wally – Joey – And much more.

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