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New hit song by Strango Pork and the Oinks

I saw Simon at my door
Then he wasn’t there no more.

He was walking toward the hardware store.
Than I noticed he was not there no more.

He started eating all the floor
Then he wanted more

He started eating up the door
Then he gave out a roar.

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Sesame street news channel 3

I was walking down the street when I met Gordon. He said to me, “Did you know that ‘C’ stands for cat and ‘D’ stands for dog? “no! I said where’d you learn that?” “Well I was cruising down Park avenue and I overheard Mr. Drumen saying it. “Thanks Gordon” I said. Back to you Grover thanks Tellie. All right heres Louis Kazagar for the sports The Sallys beat the Winnies 21 to 2 the piggys beat the Joeys 5,679,317,382 to 0. Feature race at Sesameduct Red Grover one with 9 to 1 odds and Stinky Bunny was second and Chocolate Chip Tellie was third. Homer’s beans was forth. and my Monster was fifth and overgrown midget was sixth. Back to you Grover. Thanks Louis.

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