A’s win

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The A’s defeat the Texas Rangers, 8-1, Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at O.co Colosseum.

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Flashback: Morphew and the Egg at the Parkside, NYC, March 2009

Looking at the list of past Thunderegg shows, I remembered someone telling me that there were clips from co-headliner and old friend Jason Morphew‘s March 24, 2009, set at NYC’s Parkside Lounge floating around YouTube. Sure enough, here’s “Homeless Honeymoon”…with accompaniment on the guitar that I bought from a mutual friend before class one day in spring 1994. (That ax, a ’79 “The SG,” is also responsible for a good 90 percent of the electric parts in Thunderegg’s twenty years of recordings.)

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Electric Egg at San Francisco Fallfest, Sat. Oct. 10


The Egg is stoked to be playing a two-hour set, from 2 to 4 p.m., at the Meals on Wheels San Francisco Fallfest on Embarcadero this coming Saturday, October 10. The event, sponsored by San Francisco Magazine and KFOG (and Duvel beer) among others, will be packed with the finest offerings from restaurants, wineries, cocktail makers, and epicurean artisans—and who can say what the epicurean artisans will do—all to benefit Meals on Wheels. Roem Baur goes on first, from noon to 2 p.m., and then it’s full-band electric Thunderegg. Come on out for some killer rock for a good cause.

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Thunderegg and Victor Krummenacher at the Lost Church, Fri. Oct. 23

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Mark your calendars for Friday, October 23: The sweetest show in town will be Thunderegg and Victor Krummenacher at the Lost Church, 65 Capp Street, San Francisco. (Facebook event is here.)

Victor is a founding member of Camper Van Beethoven, on the short list as one of the best American indie-rock bands of the late ’80s. Between them and R.E.M. and the Replacements and the Pixies, it was like Kershaw vs. Greinke vs. Arrieta vs. Bumgarner for the 2015 NL Cy Young Award. (Hüsker Dü was Max Scherzer.) Thunderegg, as you know, is a beloved SF/Oakland band with dozens of albums and hundreds of songs since 1994. Two of those albums, C’mon Thunder and Line Line, and our latest 7″, “Ten Sleeves” / “Big Cigarette,” were recorded with Alan Weatherhead, who used to be part of Sparklehorse, whose first album was produced by David Lowery, who was another founding member of Camper Van Beethoven, along with Victor Krummenacher. 

What we’re saying is, come dig the nexus.

Doors at 7:30pm.
$10 in advance and $15 day of show online (click here) and at the door. Such a good deal. Such a beautiful place to hear music. Come join us.

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Next stop, NOWHERE!

Yet another band of nihilists, this time from the classic punk episode of Quincy. (I wanna get off!)

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“Stupid Town,” live at Irmulco station

Irmulco (Irvine and Muir Lumber Company), CA, 8/9/2015.

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Bands, songs, albums, and lyrics mentioned in my elementary school writing books, 1981–83

• The Nastybirds (featured on WZAX-FM)

• The Outlaws (appearing now at WaWaWooWooWeeWeeWaaWaaa stadium) (from Arizona)

• Strango Pork and the Oinks – “Simon (the Lion?)”:  “I saw Simon at my door / then he wasn’t there no more / He was walking toward the hardware store / Then I noticed he was not there no more / He started eating all the floor / Then he wanted more / He started eating up the door/ Then he gave out a roar”

• The Sallys – feat. “Billy, “Tilly,” “Milly,” “Molly,” “Willy,” “Wally,” “Joey,” and much more. Available at Wallyworth, Sally Goody, Food Town, and your local Junk Yard.

• Ziggy Samkin – “I like tuna/ and jellybeans / peanut butter / and cheddar cheese / and would you pass the pepper, please?”

• The Tomatoes – “It’s Sunny Again”

• Kirk – “Apeeka My Papa”

• Joey Cool and the Nastybirds – “Saw Some Medicine in a Hardwear Store”

• Unknown – “The Electric Spanker”

• Plooktoo aka Gasser, bluesman; Crabtree Ellen, guitar; Crumbcake Evelin, drums.

• Jimbo Maconi – Jimbo the Brat

• Unknown – “Piggie in the Dryer”

• The Flunks – “Yuk Yuk Yuk”

Forrest Rooney’s Awfulest Hits feat. (SIDE ONE) “Marie,” “Jimmy,” “Billie,” “Katie,” “Sally,” “Johny” (SIDE TWO) “Piggy,” “Babie,” “Daddy,” “Mommy”

• Strango Pork and the Oinks – “I’ll Oink Ya!” “Bet I Can Beat You to the Pigpen” “Look at the Stars”

• Finge Topla and the Uglys

• The Clagatootoo

• The Stinkers – “I Know Why You Hate Me (Because I Am So Dumb)” (feat. on WAZ Radio)

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Ponch and Jon aren’t so sure about Pain.

They sure do get the kids riled up.

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“Ten Sleeves” / “Big Cigarette” now available via Bandcamp

The new Egg tunes, recorded at Tiny Telephone and now all yours. You can download them or order the super-nice 7″ record through our Bandcamp page.

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“Ten Sleeves” / “Big Cigarette”: Simultaneous international digital premiere today!

Today marks a first for the Thunderegg International Distribution Department: After months of white-knuckle meetings regarding global rights, publishing compacts, and digital tariffs, we are pleased to announce that we’ve arrived at an agreement between Nanobot Rock Reviews (representing the US) and Das Klienicum (representing Germany) to allow for the simultaneous digital premiere of our new “Ten Sleeves” / “Big Cigarette” single. Click on either of the two links above to hear what we cooked up with Alan Weatherhead at Tiny Telephone. And if you’re in the Bay Area, you can get the vinyl this Friday night at an awesome show at Viracocha.

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